Outstanding Precinct 7 Law Enforcement Team

Burglary Suspects Caught Thanks to Proactive Community Policing


On November 16, 2019, a City Park board member contacted Sgt. Johnson-Hall and Sgt. Meek regarding a burglary. The crime took place a day before and reported by the homeowner to HPD. The City Park resident also posted a video taken from her surveillance camera to the community's Nextdoor social networking site. Sgt. Johnson-Hall's commitment to proactive community policing made it possible for him to recognize and identify the burglary suspect from the video.

The proactive approach to community policing adopted by deputies recently led to the arrest of multiple burglary suspects in the City Park subdivision. Sergeant Johnson-Hall, Sergeant Meek and deputies assigned to the City Park Contract, make it a point to engage with residents in the community. This simple yet effective method of policing allows law enforcement officers to get to know the people they serve. They also become familiar with homeowners' routines, making it easier to identify when something or someone is out of place.

The burglary suspect, identified as a 22-year-old male, lived near the City Park subdivision. The 22-year-old, also a known gang member with a long criminal history, was not home at the time. With consent from the suspect's mother, deputies searched and recovered multiple stolen items from their home.

With help from his mother, deputies located suspect. He was detained and charged him with Burglary of Habitation. The offender now faces 5-years to a lifetime in prison with a $50,000 bond.

Deputies also arrested two 16-year-old burglary suspects during a Burglary in Progress call on November 20, 2019. Each of the teens has a criminal background. One is a known gang member. The two 16-year-old burglary suspects attempted to run from police but eventually caught. Both teens are now in custody for multiple charges.

Crime Prevention Tips

 There has been an increase in the number of burglaries and thefts in neighborhoods throughout Harris County. However, residents can help combat crime by taking added precautions in securing their homes and looking out for their neighbor’s homes. Many homeowners have drastically reduced burglaries and thefts in their neighborhoods by being proactive and adding the following safety tips to their home security plans: 


• Protect your house from prying eyes by using curtains or drapes. 

• Install outside lights. Use motion detectors wherever possible. 

• Keep bushes and plants trimmed that make it easy for burglars to hide. 

• Prune lower tree limbs – do not provide the thief with a natural ladder into second floor windows. Keep the view to your house open – criminals love to hide behind tall fences or overgrown bushes while breaking into your home. 

• Install a security system. 

• When away from home, create the illusion that someone may still be there. Leave a TV or stereo on in the room where a burglar would most likely break in.