About Us


A Life of Leadership and Courage

Constable May Walker has not changed since her days as a police officer patrolling the streets of Houston. Walker continues to open doors for others through her leadership and courage. Walker was sworn-in January 2, 2005 as the first female and first African American woman Constable of Harris County. On March 1, 2016, Walker was re-elected to a fourth term in office.  


Innovative Programs and Services

 Since being elected Constable of Harris County Precinct 7 in 2004, I have been working hard to fulfill the promise of bringing integrity, accountability, professionalism, a new philosophy, fresh ideas, and innovative programs to this office. Thanks to your support I have been able to accomplish my commitment to serving the community while promoting honor and moral strength in law enforcement. It is truly exciting to see something that you have nurtured and cultivated, grow and flourish beyond your expectations. During my administration my staff and I successfully added several programs that help promote public safety; like the Precinct 7 Sex Offenders Unit and the Street Gang Unit, Domestic Violence Program and Crime Victims Assistance Program.  Also, an accomplishment was our utilization of updated technology like the new license plate reader which led to the recovery of dozens of stolen vehicles.  Most importantly, we significantly increased participation in public outreach and community service efforts. 


Dedicated to the Community

 I truly appreciate members of the Precinct 7 community and our contract participants for having confidence in this agency to allow us to serve you for 4 terms. We are truly looking forward to providing you with an even higher level of service in the coming years.